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Driving South Africa Forward Together

Mzansi Food is providing online ordering food delivery services to millions of users across the South African region. Mzansi Food is powered by heart and driven by technology, we aim to unlock the true potential of the region by solving the problems that hinder progress for our communities.


Transforming cities, changing lives

At Mzansi Food, our goal is to grow and empower local economies. To do this, we start by helping the merchants/restaurants - the local businesses that create 60%+ of the jobs in every city. Our vision - which will take decades to realize - is to build a last-mile logistics platform, create a set of services to grow a merchant’s sales, and produce a membership program that connects consumers to the merchants that sustain them.


The road ahead will not be easy. That’s why we’re looking for people from all backgrounds to help us solve seemingly impossible problems at lightning speed. Those with courage and grit, who work hard, fast and smart. Those who don’t wait to implement good ideas, are comfortable with imperfection but determined to get 1% better every day. Think you’re up for the challenge? Join us!                 

We Are Leaders

Be an owner

No problem is too big, too small or outside of our scope of work. We are all get in and assist.


Dream big, start small

We take all small ideas and make them grow using data and rigorous testing. We show evidence of progress and then double down.


Choose optimism, and have a plan

Positive thinking brings people along and helps us achieve ambitious, often unreasonable goals. We choose optimism, especially when things are tough.


Bias for action

In a fast-moving technological world, the only way to predict the future is to invent it. We launch solutions quickly, test them and make changes as needed.


Operate at the lowest level of detail

We aspire to know the lowest level of detail so we can make progress on the things that are critical to our business and our customers.


And, not either/or

We’re not satisfied picking between options or sacrificing one thing for another. We don’t get sucked into false dichotomies and instead, we engineer a way to do both.

We Are Learners

Truth seek

We’re not afraid to dig in and uncover the truth, even if it’s scary or inconvenient. We use data and common sense to solve problems.


1% better every day.

Our goal isn’t perfection; it’s constant and never-ending improvement. We look for opportunity, share feedback and celebrate a growth-mindset.


Customer-obsessed, not competitor focused.

We focus on our customers and our performance. We stay connected to the people we serve and learn from them every day.

We Are One Team

Make room at the table

We’re committed to growing and empowering a more diverse and inclusive community. We believe that true innovation happens when everyone has the tools, resources and opportunity to thrive.


Think outside of  the box

We strive to be as inclusive as possible and consider those who may not be in the room when making decisions.


One team, one fight

We’re in this together, and both success and failure are shared. We are intentional about creating a high-accountability, no-blame culture.


Why work with us?


1.     Solve challenging problems.

we’re not just a platform, we’re solving complex problems for Customers, Drivers and Restaurants.


2.     Great idea? Make it happen.

Today’s ideas are tomorrow’s projects. At Mzansi everyone is an entrepreneur.


3.     Fastest moving company.

We’re one of the world’s fastest-growing companies.



4.     Diversity helps us win.

We know diverse teams are the best teams. We want our teams to be as diverse as our Drivers, Restaurant and the Consumers that we serve.


We hope you're as excited about the scale of the opportunity as we are, and that you'll join us and be part of this incredible journey.


  We're always on the lookout for new talent, so feel free to get in touch with our recruitment team at


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