Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of restaurants are listed on Mzansi Food?

We personally curate a high-quality and diverse selection of restaurants in your area. This can range from a top neighborhood Italian trattoria to a well-regarded national burger chain.


What times can I order for?

We deliver every day from morning until late at night, and different restaurants will have different opening times. Visit the Homepage or the App to see which restaurants are available in your area.

How is the food delivered to me?

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s sent directly to the restaurant for them to prepare and package. Once it’s ready, a Mzansi Food Delivery Driver will pick up your order and bring it to your delivery address.

Do I have to tip?

Whether you tip or not is completely up to you. You can tip on the website or app when placing your order or tip in cash when the Delivery Driver delivers your food. Delivery Drivers receive 100% of all tips.

Is there a minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount can vary depending on which restaurant you’re ordering from. If there’s a minimum order amount, you’ll be informed on the home page of each restaurant before you place your order.