How it Works

Mzansi Food is a South African’s online food ordering and delivery service that is connecting Customers to thousands of local Restaurants and/or Retail Stores across the South African Region. Mzansi Food delivers to any of the addressable population with more Restaurants to choose from. You can order food and beverages or products from Mzansi Food Platform either via the Applications available on App Store and Android Play Store, or from your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet. If you do not have the App installed, please download it from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store. Once installed on your device, simply enter your delivery location and search via cuisines, offers, delivery method, ratings, etc. Once you have placed your order, the Restaurant and or/ Retail Store will accept the order and you will receive Order confirmation via email or push notifications.


For Mzansi Food Customers


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Our objective is to link you (the Customer) with the Restaurants/Retail Stores we partner with (Restaurant Partners and/or Retail Store Partners ) and allow you to order Items via our online Application for delivery (our “Service”). Where you place an Order from a Restaurant and/or Retail Store, Mzansi Food acts as an Agent on behalf of that Restaurant and/or Retail Store to conclude your order from our Application and to manage your experience throughout the order process. To use the Application, you must have downloaded the App from App Store or Google Play Store or search on Google or visit the Website .


You may place an order for food and beverages using the Mzansi Food App or Website by entering your address or your location of delivery and then click Find Restaurants on the Website Platform, or search for Restaurants on the App Platform, therefore all the listed Restaurants and Retail Stores on our Platform will be displayed, similarly, you may click on Get Nearby on the Website, a map with all listed nearby Restaurants and Retail Stores  will be displayed and you can choose the Restaurants and Retail Stores of your own choice. You can filter Restaurants and Retail Stores by alphabetical, ratings, free delivery, minimum order, etc.


Each Restaurant and Retail Store has its own Estimated Delivery Time, type of food menu offered, distance away from you, address of the Restaurant/Retail Store, ratings, etc. On the menu options there are various categories of menus to select from, choose the menu and add items to Cart that displays the price of the items, and number of items, Tax Amount, Tip for the Delivery Driver, Delivery Charge of the food and beverages if Delivery is selected, you may also provide a special instruction on how you want your food and beverages. By clicking on add items to Cart, all the items selected will be added into the Cart as your order.


On Checkout page you will be required to Login, if you do not have an Account with Mzansi Food, you may register to complete the Order. An added item into Cart window will pop-up and a summary of your order window will pop-up, you may select Delivery Order, or you may select to Pick-up the order yourself or you may select to Dine-in in the Restaurant. After Login you can confirm your Order information, home address and delivery address, etc. You may review you Order again by ticking Yes or No on Tip the Delivery Driver by entering percentage or fixed amount. You may also enter promotional code if there is any. On Checkout you may select to pay by cash on delivery, pay on card, etc., then the food will be delivered to you, if delivery selected.



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Own a smart phone to accepts orders and deliver to hungry customers


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Pick up and drop Off

It is that simple. Once notified, you just pick up order and drop it off.

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Partner with Us

We provide Restaurants to use our platform free for 30 days as a trial, if you’re satisfied with our service you can partner with us. 


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Market your restaurant online. Customers are ordering online now more than ever - be where they are. Mzansi Food is a leading online food ordering system, developed to work for restaurants



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Online orders are typically between 10% and 30% larger than phone orders. It is a widely reported statistic from businesses with Mzansi Food.




Increased sales

Online orders are significantly larger by up to 20% compared to telephone orders, and your repeat business will increase because a happy customer is a loyal one.


Marketing promotions

Make the most of the Mzansi Food Marketplace with Promotions like “First Order, Free Delivery” and “Order again and Save” that improve your placement, lower delivery fees and attract first-time customers.


How Does Mzansi Food Work for Restaurants?

Restaurant managers have many questions to ask when partnering with a technology platform like Mzansi Food — from updating your menus, to uploading food photos and etc. But the choice that likely has the biggest impact on the day-to-day Mzansi Food delivery process is the order management protocol — that is, how restaurants receive Mzansi Food orders.

Here, we’ll explore the journey of a Mzansi Food order to highlight how Mzansi Food works for restaurants. 

How do customers place Mzansi Food orders?

When hungry customers are ready to place a delivery order, they can browse Restaurants on Mzansi Food website  or the Mzansi Food App. Customers can search for their favourite Restaurants, or filter Restaurants by cuisine, location, delivery times, promotions and more. Customers enjoy the ease and convenience of browsing thousands of restaurants in a single app, as well as the ability to track their deliveries and get Restaurant-quality food without leaving their couches. 

Once the customer chooses a Restaurant, they place their order, pay for it right in the app and receive an estimated delivery time. That’s when Restaurants receive the order via their chosen order protocol. 

How do restaurants receive Mzansi Food orders?

The order protocol is the way that Restaurants receive orders from a technology partner like Mzansi Food. Restaurants can choose to receive orders on the device of their choice to maximize their profitable efficiency. At Mzansi Food, Restaurants have four options for their order protocol:


Option 1:


Use a Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone

 If you have your own Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone, you can register with us and login on the Merchant Manager Application — our all-in-one tool for receiving,  organizing, and tracking pickup and delivery orders. Mzansi Food can also provide a tablet for you for a small weekly fee. Just order it by 

With the Merchant Manager Application , Restaurant managers can adjust prices and menu items in real time, including deactivating (and reactivating) specific items that are out of stock. The Merchant Manager Application  also helps Restaurant managers coordinate with Delivery Drivers, prepare for large orders, and contact both the customer and Mzansi Food support via chat communication system. 

Be sure your Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone is on loud and the Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone is placed somewhere that is easily accessible by your staff. When a customer places a Mzansi Food order, you will receive a notification on the Merchant Manager Application  allowing you to quickly and efficiently process orders.


Option 2:

Receive Mzansi Food Merchant Panel orders or via email

Restaurant owners can also choose to have all of their Mzansi Food orders emailed to them. This option includes a follow-up confirmation call so you don’t miss any orders. We recommend you only choose this option (which is free for restaurants) if you keep a computer near your register. 


Quick tips for successful delivery operations

·      Ensure your food items travel well

To increase the efficiency of your takeout operations, create a streamlined menu featuring a few key items. While you want to include your popular items, prioritize food that will not be a soggy mess by the time it arrives at the customer’s place. Take steps to ensure your food travels well, such as packaging sauces separately, placing hot and cold items in separate bags, and piercing hot food containers for ventilation. Delivery Drivers will deliver your food with care in insulated food delivery bags that maintain both hot and cold food temperatures.

·      Optimize your menu for profitability

Update your menu to focus on higher-margin items, best-sellers and dishes that can be prepped in advance to ensure an efficient and profitable off-premise operation. You can also encourage upsells by offering add-ons such as protein to toppings to salads, bowls, burgers, and more.

·      Keep a close eye on incoming orders

You need to have staff members that monitors and accepts incoming orders from customers. That way, they can make sure new orders are quickly accepted and sent to your kitchen for preparation. 

·      Explore Mzansi Food promotions and products

When you join the Mzansi Food marketplace, you get access to a range of marketing promotions to take your off-premise business to the next level. Our most popular products helps you attract new customers with free delivery on their first order. With Order Again and Save, you can offer discounts to loyal regular customers.

Once the item is ready to be delivered, select a spot in your restaurant where Delivery Driver can quickly pick up orders without disrupting operations. The Mzansi Food platform enables you to track orders in real time, so you’ll know exactly when they’re delivered to happy customers.

·      Delivery, simplified

You don’t need a complete overhaul of your restaurant when it comes to delivery — that’s why Mzansi Food offers a variety of protocols to seamlessly integrate with the technology, supplies, and staff you already have. If you’ve been waiting to get on board, now is the time to try out Mzansi Food and see its positive impact on your business.